CRM to Pilot New Business System
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CRM to Pilot New Business System

Scott Ritchey, Director IT, SPIE
Scott Ritchey, Director IT, SPIE

Scott Ritchey, Director IT, SPIE

Customer Oriented Workflow with CRM


Dynamics CRM was a strategic platform decision. In order to create the best possible user experience for the photonics  business and research communities, we chose to utilize CRM’s strength as a platform for business application development. By doing so, we were able to quickly implement a leading CRM solution for sales and contact management, pilot a new business system for contract book production, and replace a large home-grown business system for event management and publishing. Replacing custom built software introduces challenges for user adoption, integration, and business intelligence.


Our technical team, working with a strong platform strategy, has delivered outstanding results. We have been able to leverage the packaged architecture for security, data management, UI, forms and workflow in CRM and extend the solutions efficiently  to meet the finely tuned needs of a highvolume, high-touch customer-oriented workflow. By leveraging the CRM API, we have  been able to directly connect with over 240,000 researchers and partners through our main website We plan to continue working with Microsoft to realize further gains from our technology strategy and have several projects underway that specifically leverage the Dynamics CRM platform. The bar is set high, but we have had great success so far.


"By leveraging the CRM API, a direct connection has been created with over 240,000 researchers and partners through our main  website"


How CIOs can Realize Maximum Value


By thoughtfully analyzing the strategic position an organization is working to achieve, one finds that key architectural decisions and investments are much easier to make. Peter Weill and his colleagues from the MIT Center for Information Systems Research have conducted some meaningful research on digital business capabilities. Considering your digital business strategy in the context of experience, content, and platform will help to create a foundationof technical strategy which you can build concrete plans for business transformation.


Microsoft is a powerful prospective partner for providing technologies, software, services and architecture that can be leveraged in a broad range of configurations to support ones specific strategy. Our first step was to develop strong technology strategy. Then, by connecting with Microsoft product developers, customers and partners at the annual Convergence conference, we were able to build specific capabilities to realize that strategy using Dynamics CRM, .NET, and supporting technologies. Creating personal connections with great people has been essential to getting the most from our technology  investments. Bringing your core project team with you to build a broad base of connections is highly recommended.


More recently, we have been working with Microsoft through the early access program to extend our use of CRM to realize new capabilities which support digital fulfillment and back-end business efficiency. Participation in this program has led to some exceptional insights that we will use in our projects this year and next. I encourage any CIO to engage with the early access program, a good technology partner, and the Microsoft Dynamics community to realize maximum value. 

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